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Methyl nonyl ketone
CAS number: 112-12-9
Groups: All Chemicals
IUPAC Name: : undecan-2-one

CAS Number: : 112-12-9

Chemical Formula: : C11H22O

Synonyms: 112-12-9, 2-Hendecanone, 2-Oxoundecane, 2-Undecanone, 2-Undecanone (natural), 4-01-00-03374 (Beilstein Handbook Reference), 46219_RIEDEL, 68160_FLUKA, AI3-03081, AIDS014153, AIDS-014153, BRN 1749573, C01875, C11H22O, Caswell No. 573O, CHEBI:17700, EINECS 203-937-5, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 044102, FEMA No. 3093, HSDB 7431, Ketone, methyl nonyl, LMFA12000002, LS-3143, Methyl-n-nonylketone, METHYL N-NONYL KETONE, Methylnonylketone, Methyl nonyl ketone, MGK Dog and Cat Repellent, Mgk dog & cat repellent, Mnk, NCGC00164003-01, Nonyl methyl ketone, NSC4028, NSC 4028, PS951_SUPELCO, Rue ketone, SL-00946, U1303_ALDRICH, undecan-2-one, UNDECANONE, W309303_ALDRICH, WLN: 9V1

Product Info: Ketone is a class of chemical compounds contain the carbonyl group in which the carbon atom is covalently bonded to an oxygen atom.

Carbonyl groups are:
Aldehydes (X and Y = H; X = H, Y = alkyl or aryl)
Ketones (X and Y = alkyl or aryl)
Carboxylic acids (X = OH, Y = H, alkyl, or aryl)
Esters (X = O-alkyl or aryl; Y = H, alkyl, or aryl)
Amides (X = NH, N-alkyl, or N-aryl; Y = H, alkyl, or aryl)
Acid halides
Acid anhydrides

Ketone has the general formula RCOR' where the groups R and R' may be the same or different, or incorporated into a ring (R and R' are alkyl, aryl, or heterocyclic radicals). The simplest example, R and R´ are methyl group, is acetone (also called 2-propanone, CH3COCH3) which is one of the most important ketones used in industry (low molecular weight ketones are general purpose solvents.) In the IUPAC system, the suffix -one is used to describe ketone with the numbering of the carbon atom at the end that gives the lower number. For example, CH3CH2COCH2CH2CH3 is named 3-hexanone because the whole chain contains six carbon atoms and the oxygen is connected to the third carbon from the lower number. There are aromatic ketones of which acetophenone and bezophenone are examples. Ketones can be made by the oxidation of secondary alcohols and the destructive distillation of certain salts of organic acids. In addition to as polar solvents, ketones are important intermediates in the syntheses of organic compounds such as alkoxides, hydroxyalkynes, imines, alcohols (primary, secondary as well as tertiary), acetals, thioacetals, phosphine oxides, geminal diols, hydrazones, organic sulfite and cyanohydrins. 2-Undecanone is used as a solvent and an intermediate in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and pesticides.
Long chain ketones have strong odor and they are used as in nsect or animal repellant and in the perfumery and flavorings. 2-Undecanone (nonyl methyl ketone) is an oily organic liquid; melting point 15 C and boiling point 231 C. It is not soluble in water due to long hydrocarbon chain but soluble in common organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, chloroform, and acetone. Methyl ketones can be converted to corresponding carboxylic salts in the presence of a base by the multiple halogenation. In this reaction haloform is formed.

Alkyl (with halo or alcohol substituted ) Methyl ketones
Acetone 67-64-1
Pinacolone 75-97-8
Methylethyl ketone 78-93-3
Methyl vinyl ketone 78-94-4
2-Pentanone 107-87-9
Methyl isobutyl ketone 108-10-1
2-Heptanone 110-43-0
Methyl isoamyl ketone 110-12-3
2-Octanone 111-13-7
2-Undecanone 112-12-9
3-Methylacetoin 115-22-0
Acetol 116-09-6
Diacetone alcohol 123-42-2
1,1,1-Trifluoro-2-octanone 400-60-2
1,1,1-Trifluoro-2-pentanone 421-50-1
11-Fluoro-2-undecanone 463-27-4
1,1-Dichloroacetone 513-88-2
Acetoin 513-86-0
1,3-Dichloroacetone 534-07-6
Isopropyl methyl ketone 563-80-4
3-Methylpentan-2-one 565-61-7
Methyl n-butyl ketone 591-78-6
2-Tridecanone 593-08-8
Bromoacetone 598-31-2
2,3-Pentanedione 3-oxime 609-29-0
2-Pentanone oxime 623-40-5
Diacetonamine 625-04-7
2-Decanone 693-54-9
3-Hexen-2-one 763-93-9
Methyl isopropenyl ketone 814-78-8
2-Nonanone 821-55-6
1-Cyclohexylethan-1-one 823-76-7
3,3,4,4-Tetramethyl-2-pentanone 865-66-7
Acetopropyl alcohol 1071-73-4
4-Methyl-2-pentanone dimethylacetal 1112-78-3
6,10-Dimethyl-2-undecanone 1604-34-8
Acetylethylcarbinol 3142-66-3
1,4,5-Trihydroxy-2-pentanone 3343-53-1
5-Bromo-2-pentanone 3884-71-7
3-Chloro-2-butanone 4091-39-8
2-Hydroxy-2-methylbutanenitrile 4111-08-4
4-Cyclohexyl-4-methyl2-pentanone 4927-39-3
5,5,5-Trinitro-2-pentanone 5029-48-1
1-Hydroxy-2-butanone 5077-67-8
5-(Acetyloxy)-2-pentanone 5185-97-7
4-Methyl-1-phenyl-2-pentanone 5349-62-2
1-Bromopinacolone 5469-26-1
4-Methyl-4-(4-methylcyclohexyl)-2-pentanone 5505-84-0
1,3-Dioxolane-4-methanol, 2-isobutyl-2-methyl- 5660-53-7
5-Chloro-2-pentanone 5891-21-4
Ethyl methyl ketone azine 5921-54-0
1-Cyclopentylethanone 6004-60-0
2-Dodecanone 6175-49-1
Methylglyoxal dimethyl acetal 6342-56-9
1-Monochloropinacoline 13547-70-1
5-Methoxy-2-pentanone 17429-04-8
Hexadecan-2-one 18787-63-8
1-(3,3-Dimethylcyclohexyl)ethanone 25304-14-7
Lysine chloromethyl ketone 26995-77-7
N-Acetylalanyl-alanyl-alanine chloromethyl ketone 38320-48-8
Alanine chloromethyl ketone 41036-44-6
1-Acetylcyclohexyl acetate 52789-73-8
Isoleucylbromomethyl ketone 59079-43-5
Leucine chloromethyl ketone 61727-69-3
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