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Registration is the actual process of bringing in all necessary and valid data. The data that is required is based on the tonnage (band) and is structured in the software tool (IUCLID5) that ECHA has available on their website ( Furthermore the data will not be gathered by each individual legal entity, but by all members belonging to the same SIEF (Substance Information Exchange Forum)  

1. For our customers:
Most of all we want to maintain our position as a reliable partner in the EU market. For substances we import we are intensively communicating with all our non EU suppliers. As soon as we have agreement with our non EU supplier, we will inform our customers accordingly.
For substances we buy from EU suppliers we are intensively communicating. As soon as we are informed we will inform you accordingly.

2. For our suppliers:
NON EU suppliers - exporting to the EU is only allowed for substances which are REACH compliant. To get your substances REACH compliant you need to cooperate with a European importer or other legal entity located in the EU.
All suppliers - The sooner we know your substance will enter the registration process in REACH, the better. Customers requirethis information and it brings certainty on continuation of the business.


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