REACH, what does it mean
Purpose of REACH
P&S Chemicals - REACH organisation
Who does it affect
Definition of a SUBSTANCE
What does REACH cost
Implementation of REACH


REACH applies to all chemical substances. For some categories, like radio active and waste, REACH is not applicable. The obligations within REACH are based on the tonnage imported or produced. For existing substances the tonnage is also the key parameter indicating when a product must be REACH compliant

1. For our customers
If you have any specific questions on the substances you buy from P&S Chemicals you should contact your local sales representative.
2. For our suppliers
It is in our mutual interest to inform our customers regarding which substances apply to REACH. Our customers need to know if they are able to use substances in the (near) future. Please inform us the moment you decide to register (existing) substances in order to satisfy our customers.


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