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Our obligation is the gathering of data focused on safe use and the type of information is basically related to the tonnage imported or produced.
For the communication with ECHA (European Agency for Chemical substances in Helsinki) a software tool (IUCLID5) is available on the website of ECHA. This software guides users in determining which information is needed per substance, use and tonnage band.

1. For our customers
"Usage" and how to communicate in the supply chain is stipulated in RIP 3.2. This document is awaiting approval. RIP 3.2 is expected to be approved March 2008. The moment RIP 3.2 is official we kindly request our customers to inform us about your "usage" as described in RIP 3.2. If you need help on this subject please contact your local P&S Chemicals sales representative.
2. For our suppliers
We are aware that obtaining information on "usage" is very important in the process. The moment we receive valid information from our customers we will communicate the date to our suppliers.


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