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Implementation of REACH

The implementation for registering existing, so called phase in substances is divided in 3 steps. Importers and distributors can benefit from this timeline for each substance currently imported or produced in case these substances are PRE registered in the period 1 June 2008 - 1 December 2008.
For substances which are currently not imported nor produced, but existing in general for REACH can also be PRE registered the moment they are imported or produced and thereby benefit the transition period.

1. For our customers
P&S Chemicals will pre register all substances imported or produced and thus benefit the transition period. As distributor, we are in the process obtaining information from our European suppliers and based on the information we receive from our suppliers we will analyse which products are not covered. For these products we will select other EU suppliers or non EU suppliers in order to maintain our position as your reliable supplier. 2. For our Suppliers
It is our intention to maintain our position together with our current (EU) suppliers. Should we not receive your answer or if your reply is negative (meaning that you will not pre register) P&S Chemicals will start looking for alternative supply routes to maintain our position in the European market.


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