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((Phosphonomethyl)amino)acetic acid
CAS number: 1071-83-6
Groups: Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical Intermediates/Agrocultural, All Chemicals
IUPAC Name: ((Phosphonomethyl)amino)acetic acid

CAS Number: 9008-02-0

Chemical Formula: C3H8NO5P

Synonyms: 1071-83-6, 2gga, 2ggd, 2-(phosphono-methylamino)-acetic acid, 2-(phosphonomethylamino)acetic acid, 2-(phosphonomethylamino)ethanoic acid, 337757_ALDRICH, 34494-03-6, 40465-66-5, 45521_RIEDEL, 70393-85-0, 79533_FLUKA, 9008-02-0, AIDS099067, AIDS-099067, Anti-BOB, Anti-GPR15, N-Terminal antibody produced in rabbit, BRN 2045054, BSPBio_002397, C01705, C3H8NO5P, Caswell No. 661A, CCRIS 1587, CHEBI:27744, CP 67573, CP 70139, DivK1c_006574, EINECS 213-997-4, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 417300, G4283_SIGMA, gliphosate, Glycine, N-(phosphonomethyl)-, glyphosate, Glyphosate [ANSI:BSI:ISO], Glyphosate, free acid, Glyphosate, isopropylamine salt, GLYPHOSATE (SEE CAS 38641-94-0), Glyphosate-trimesium Int., Glyphosate - Trimesium Int., Glyphosphate, GPF, GPJ, HSDB 3432, Isopropylamine glyphosate, KBio1_001518, KBio2_002380, KBio2_004948, KBio2_007516, KBio3_001897, KBioGR_001117, KBioSS_002384, LS-445, MON 0573, MON 2139, MON 39, Mon 6000, NCGC00014409, NCGC00094536-01, NCGC00094536-02, NCGC00094536-03, NCI151063, NCI60_001060, NCIStruc1_000002, NCIStruc2_000104, N-Phosphonomethylglycine, N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine, N-(Phosphonomethyl) Glycine, NSC151063, NSC 151063, NSC-151063, P9556_SIGMA, ((phosphonomethyl)amino)acetic acid, [(phosphonomethyl)amino]acetic acid, Phosphonomethyliminoacetic acid, Pondmaster, Roundup, Roundup Max, Silglif, SPBio_001634, SpecPlus_000478, Spectrum_001867, Spectrum2_001847, Spectrum3_000839, SPECTRUM330047, Spectrum4_000679, Spectrum5_001992, ST5409039, TL8000254, WLN: QV1M1PQQO
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