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(+/-)-Baclofen, pharma
CAS number: 1134-47-0
Groups: All Chemicals
IUPAC Name: 4-Amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid

CAS Number: 69318-44-1

Chemical Formula: C10H12ClNO2

Synonyms: 1134-47-0, 4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid, 4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butyric acid, 4-azanyl-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid, 62594-36-9, 69308-37-8, 69318-44-1, AB00051921, Alphapharm Brand of Baclofen, ApoBaclofen, Apo Baclofen, Apo-Baclofen, Apotex Brand of Baclofen, Ashbourne Brand of Baclofen, ASTA Medica Brand of Baclofen, Athena Brand of Baclofen, Atrofen, AWD, Baclofen, B5399_SIGMA, Ba34647, Ba 34647, Ba-34647, Ba-34,647, Ba34,647, baclofen, (-)-Baclofen, (?)-Baclofen, ()-Baclofen, (+-)-Baclofen, (+/-)-BACLOFEN, Baclofen Alphapharm Brand, Baclofen Apotex Brand, Baclofen Ashbourne Brand, Baclofen Athena Brand, Baclofen AWD, Baclofen Ciba-Geigy Brand, Baclofene [INN-French], Baclofen Irex Brand, Baclofen Isis Brand, Baclofen (JP15/USP/INN), Baclofen Medtronic Brand, Baclofen Novartis Brand, Baclofen Nu-Pharm Brand, Baclofeno [INN-Spanish], Baclofen Pharmascience Brand, Baclofen (R,S), Baclofenum [INN-Latin], Baclofen [USAN:BAN:INN:JAN], Baclofen [USAN:INN:BAN:JAN], Baclof?neIrex, Baclof?ne Irex, Baclof?ne-Irex, Baclon, Baclophen, Baclospas, Benzeneporopanoic acid, (beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-, (betaR)-, Benzenepropanoic acid, .beta.-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-, Benzenepropanoic acid, beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-, Benzenepropanoic acid, beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-, (+-)-, Benzenepropanoic acid, beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-(9CI), Benzenepropanoic acid, beta-(aminomethyl)-4-chloro-, (R)-, beta-(4-Chlorophenyl)gaba, ()-beta-(Aminomethyl)-4-chlorobenzenepropanoic acid, beta-(Aminomethyl)-4-chlorobenzenepropanoic acid, beta-(Aminomethyl)-p-chlorohydrocinnamic acid, beta-(p-Chlorophenyl)-gamma-aminobutyric acid, Biomol-NT_000251, BPBio1_000012, BPBio1_000750, BRN 2104494, BSPBio_000010, BSPBio_001880, Butanoic acid, 4-amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)-, C10H12ClNO2, C 34647Ba, CCRIS 3722, CHEBI:2972, Chlorophenyl GABA, Ciba 34,647-Ba, CIBA-34,647-BA, CIBA34,647BA, Ciba Geigy Brand of Baclofen, Ciba-Geigy Brand of Baclofen, CID2284, Clofen, D001418, D00241, DB00181, d-Baclofen, DivK1c_000001, DL-4-Amino-3-p-chlorophenylbutanoic acid, DL-Baclofen, EINECS 214-486-9, EU-0100163, GABA, Chlorophenyl, Gabalon, gamma-Amino-beta-(p-chlorophenyl)butyric acid, GenBaclofen, Gen Baclofen, Gen-Baclofen, Genpharm, Hydrocinnamic acid, .beta.-(aminomethyl)-p-chloro-, HYDROCINNAMIC ACID, beta-(AMINOMETHYL)-p-CHLORO-, IDI1_000001, Irex Brand of Baclofen, Isis Brand of Baclofen, KBio1_000001, KBio2_000466, KBio2_003034, KBio2_005602, KBio3_001380, KBioGR_000650, KBioSS_000466, Kemstro, Kemstro (TN), l-Baclofen, Lebic, Lioresal, Lioresal Intrathecal, Lioresal (TN), Lior?sal, Lopac0_000163, LS-77134, Medtronic Brand of Baclofen, MLS000028480, NCGC00023843-03, NCGC00024579-03, NCGC00024579-04, NCGC00024579-05, NCGC00024579-06, NINDS_000001, Novartis Brand of Baclofen, NSC329137, NuBaclo, Nu Baclo, Nu-Baclo, Nu Pharm Brand of Baclofen, Nu-Pharm Brand of Baclofen, Oprea1_440627, PCP-GABA, Pharmascience Brand of Baclofen, Pms-Baclofen, PMSBaclofen, PMS Baclofen, Prestwick0_000085, Prestwick1_000085, Prestwick2_000085, Prestwick3_000085, Prestwick_85, (R)-4-Amino-3-(4-chlorophenyl)butanoic acid, (R)-Baclofen, (R)-(-)-Baclofen, R-(-)-Baclofen, SMP1_000036, SMR000058294, SPBio_000044, SPBio_001949, Spectrum_000066, SPECTRUM1500135, Spectrum2_000092, Spectrum3_000310, Spectrum4_000245, Spectrum5_000852, ST075584, UPCMLD-DP142, UPCMLD-DP142:001
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