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CAS number: 29122-68-7
Groups: Pharmaceutical, Fine & Specialty Chemicals, Intermediates, All Chemicals
IUPAC Name: 2-[4-[2-Hydroxy-3-(propan-2-ylamino)propoxy]phenyl]acetamide

CAS Number: 29122-68-7

Chemical Formula: C14H22N2O3

Synonyms: (+-)-4-(2-Hydroxy-3-isopropylaminopropoxy)phenylacetamide, (+-)-Atenolol, (1)-2-(4-(2-Hydroxy-3-(isopropylamino)propoxy)phenyl)acetamide, 1-p-Carbamoylmethylphenoxy-3-isopropylamino-2-propanol, 2-(4-(2-Hydroxy-3-isopropylaminopropoxy)phenyl)acetamid, 2-(p-(2-Hydroxy-3-(isopropylamino)propoxy)phenyl)acetamide, 29122-68-7, 4-(2-Hydroxy-3-((1-methylethyl)amino)propoxy)benzeneacetamide, 60966-51-0, Acetamide, 2-(p-(2-hydroxy-3-(isopropylamino)propoxy)phenyl)-, Aircrit, Alinor, Altol, Anselol, Antipressan, Apo-Atenolol, Atcardil, Atecard, Atehexal, Atenblock, Atendol, Atenet, Ateni, Atenil, Atenol 1A pharma, Atenol acis, Atenol AL, Atenol Atid, Atenol Cophar, Atenol ct, Atenol Fecofar, Atenol Gador, Atenol Genericon, Atenol GNR, Atenol Heumann, Atenol MSD, Atenol NM Pharma, Atenol Nordic, Atenol PB, Atenol Quesada, Atenol Stada, Atenol Tika, Atenol Trom, Atenol von ct, Atenol-Mepha, Atenol-ratiopharm, Atenol-Wolff, Atenolin, Atenolol, Atenolol (JAN/USP), Atenolol [USAN:BAN:INN:JAN], Atenololum [INN-Latin], Atenomel, Atereal, Aterol, Benzeneacetamide, 4-(2-hydroxy-3-((1-methylethyl)amino)propoxy)-, BENZENEACETAMIDE, 4-(2-HYDROXY-3-((1-METHYLETHYL)AMINO)PROPOXY)-, (+-)
-, Benzeneacetamide, 4-[2-hydroxy-3-[(1-methylethyl)amino]propoxy]-, Betablok, Betacard, Betasyn, Betatop Ge, Blocotenol, Blokium, BRN 2739235, C06833, Cardaxen, Cardiopress, CCRIS 4196, Corotenol, Cuxanorm, D00235, DivK1c_000057, Duraatenolol, duratenol, EINECS 249-451-7, EINECS 262-544-7, Evitocor, Farnormin, Felo-Bits, Hipres, HSDB 6526, Hypoten, Ibinolo, ICI 66,082, ICI 66082, ICI-66082, Internolol, Jenatenol, Juvental, KBio1_000057, KBio2_001844, KBio2_004412, KBio2_006980, KBio3_002415, KBioGR_000790, KBioSS_001844, Lo-ten, Loten, Lotenal, LS-9707, MLS000069622, Myocord, Neatenol, NINDS_000057, Normalol, Normiten, Noten, Oraday, Ormidol, Panapres, Plenacor, Premorine, Prenolol, Prenormine, Prinorm, Scheinpharm Atenol, Seles beta, Selobloc, Serten, Servitenol, SMR000036768, SPBio_001482, Spectrum2_001411, Spectrum3_001448, Spectrum4_000435, Spectrum_001364, Stermin, Tenidon, Tenobloc, Tenoblock, Tenolol, Tenoprin, Tenoretic, Tenormin, Tenormin (TN), Tenormine, Tenormine [French], Tensimin, Tensotin, Tredol, Unibloc, Uniloc, Vascoten, Vericordin, Wesipin, Xaten

Product Info: Atenolol: a cardioselective beta1-adrenoreceptor blocking agent in the treatment of hypertension, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction. Metoprolol tartrate, tartrate salt of metoprolol, is a white crystalline powder; sparingly soluble in water, methylene chloride, soluble in methanol, insoluble in ether; melting point 152 C; administered orally and intravenously. Chemical designation is 4-[2'-hydroxy-3'- [(1- methylethyl) amino] propoxy] benzeneacetamide. Examples of alpha-beta combined brokers are carvedilol and labetalol, alpha-Brokers; alfuzosin, doxazosin, indoramin, phenoxybenzamine, phentolamine, prazosin, tamsulosin, terazosin, thymoxamine and beta-blockers examples include atenolol, metoprolol, oxprenolol, propranolol (most of the generic names for beta blockers end with 'olol').
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